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Dani Reyes-Acosta is a Latina-AAPI athlete, advocate, storyteller and more rewriting the narrative of who plays outside and how we build community with others on this planet.

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In Short

The Story

Dani Reyes-Acosta is a professional adventure athlete, advocate, and storyteller who combines her deep love for all outdoor adventure with an Earth-first, inclusivity-informed approach to storytelling.

A splitboarder, rock climber, trail runner, volunteer adaptive ski instructor, and waterwoman, she has been featured in the Washington Post, Women on the Road, the Los Angeles Times, and regional publications throughout the American West. Brands like Osprey, Vail Resorts, and Sport Obermeyer have featured her work as a storyteller and narrative strategist.

Dani imagines a better world, one in which we all play outside and honor the land upon which we roam. 


I want to find the limits of my possible—whether in the mountains, my creative work, or as a strategist—and travel into the higher reaches of the world that vests me with this power.
To grow as individuals, communities, and a society, I think we need to embrace discomfort. This is how we evolve.

- Dani Reyes-Acosta

In Short




Dani has built her mountain craft through splitboarding, traditional climbing, mountain running, and surf missions on trips through Andorra, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Peru, and the USA.

She credits her parents for the work ethic, mindset, and boundless energy that puts her here today.



Dani believes that we are as much of the Earth as we are on the earth, and dedicates both her work and volunteer time to social innovation, positive change, and a just transition.



Dani is a Spanish bilingual narrative strategist and speaker exploring how heritage and adversity inform individual and community identity. 

Story formats range from personal essays, poetry, and creative writing to multisource reportage, interviews, and documentary content.

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